Home Tips of the Month

When the inside of your microwave is messy with stuck-on food, spray it with Fantastik; put the microwave on High for 1 minute; and wipe it clean with a wet sponge or cloth. Oh so easy! 
Through trial and error, I think I have found the best way to make a cut lemon last. The most important part is to cut a wedge or slice to suit your needs (don’t make a slit in the lemon and squeeze some juice and put the lemon back in the refrigerator). To store the cut lemon, just put it, as is, in the vegetable crisper until you want to use it again. If there is a long time between uses, you  might need to slice a thin section off the surface; but the lemon could last for weeks with this procedure. It doesn’t work with limes.
If you look around your house and would like to divest of some items for a simpler, less cluttered lifestyle, I’d be glad to email you my list of sources for selling or donating your artwork, furnishings, books, clothing. The list also includes sources for people to haul your junk. 
When putting flowers in a vase, cut the bottom of the stems on the diagonal; remove any leaves below the water line; have warm water at an upper level in the vase and continue to add as the water evaporates. Your flowers should last longer.
Please remove English ivy from your trees (and garden) and pass the word along to your friends, family, and neighbors. English ivy is an invasive species, strangling and killing our beautiful trees. Besides being lovely to look as an awesome product of Nature, the leaves help to purify the air.
Happy Spring!
Very best,