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December Home Tips

Hello, Everyone,

Life is getting less complicated with the year winding down and the transition to Compass less hectic, so I’m back to my monthly home tips.  We’ll be settled in our new and beautiful office on the east end of Harvard Square, at the corner of Mass. Ave. and Trowbridge, this week.  I hope you find the tips helpful; I have the names of local contractors if you need them.  Please visit me at our new office.

Debate continues on the deleterious effects of cell phone use.  Users are advised against storing your phone in the pockets of your clothing.

This link is worth reading, especially if you travel a lot for business.

Unless you live in an area with little change in the seasons, now is a good time to prepare your house for the winter:

Have your heating system inspected;

Check your windows for loose caulking and have ill-fitting windows repaired or replaced;

Drain exterior spigots and irrigation systems;

Have your gutters cleaned and downspouts cleared (I personally know of several instances in which homeowners have been badly hurt by attempting to clean gutters themselves.  Do hire a professional to do it.);

Have  your chimney cleaned and checked for creosote buildup.