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April Home Tips

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From Consumer Reports on Health:
An almond a day can help to deter Alzheimer’s; kiwis can help lull you to sleep; canned pink or red salmon has more omega-3’s than fresh.
It’s almost white sneaker time and here is the recipe for cleaning white canvas or leather sneakers:
The best portable chargers for juicing your devices:
The 4 photos below show how destructive English ivy can be. English ivy is an invasive plant which strangles the tree; starves it of water; and within a couple or few years, depending on the size of the tree, kills it. The owners of this tree removed a good portion of the ivy which had encircled the tree but still need to saw one very large line of the ivy. The ivy clings to the bark with centipede like pincers, insinuating itself into the grooves of the tree, making thick lines impossible to pull off without seriously damaging the bark. The leaf of the English ivy is distinctive; there is a lot to read on the web. If your tree or the tree of a friend or neighbor is affected, do let them know. For some obscure reason, Harvard still plants the ivy and their trees along Garden and Linnaean are ivy-covered. Trees are beautiful; provide us with shade and comfort; add value to properties; and their leaves absorb pollution. 
Happy Spring!
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