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February Home Tips

Hello, Everyone,

This month’s tips will deal with food safety and the way to shop in a grocery store, courtesy of Consumer Reports:

  • Wash or clean the inside of your reusable bags monthly and keep them in the cleanest part of your car.
  • Wipe the cart handle with the disinfectant item the store provides or bring your own. The Journal of Food Protection Trends found E. coli on 50% of shopping cart handles (astounding!).
  • Check your eggs. Open the carton to be sure they’re all intact. If an egg breaks on the way home, cook it within 24 hours.
  • Bag meat of any kind separately and, at home, keep it in the same separate bag until ready to use.
  • Organize your cart; keep meat/poultry separated from other foods around it. After you have handled meat, disinfect your hands before shopping for other items.
  • Keep frozen foods together to help to keep them cold longer.
  • Get your food home in 2 hours; 1 hour in hot weather.

Very best,